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Roses in December Part 8 by HardDaysKnight Roses in December Part 8 by HardDaysKnight
So I made this wallpaper and nine others for my original story, entitled, "Roses in December". The story was originally inspired by the absolutely phenomenal movie "The Man Who Cried", which stars Christina Ricci and Johnny Depp.

I used Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the male lead, Cesar, and I used Anne Hathaway as the female lead, Astrid.

Another one in which I used Anne Hathaway. I had several other pictures of her that I wanted to use, one in particular, but I couldn't seem to make them mesh peacefully with any of the other Joseph G-L pictures. Pity, really.

Summary: A touching novel set in the middle of World War II (1942) . The story of a broken woman who pushes past her losses and mends her path. Of a lost man who finds his way home. Of a couple with all the odds against them. All connected through love.

A section of the story may become available on this site (much like my posted short stories) should I ever get around to it.
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July 26, 2009
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